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Do vein disease or varicose veins interfere with your daily life?

Do you have aesthetic concerns about the appearance of your veins?

Do you live with pain daily when walking or using your legs?  

Do those conditions hold you back from exploring, traveling, or even exercising?

If you live with varicose veins, aesthetic concerns about the appearance of your legs and pain when walking or using them daily; Medex Vein and Vascular Center is here for you. We work closely throughout each patient's treatment journey providing close follow up care in order to ensure that we offer an individualized approach towards treating these conditions by moving along with our patients during their progression from beginning until end-of treatments process offering high standardization across every client’s case

Tiredness or aching in the legs

What Are My Vein Treatment Options?

When you visit Medex Vein and Vascular Center, our experienced vein specialists will examine you to learn more about your individualized needs and condition. Our diagnostic technology enables our vein specialists to learn more about venous issues, leg edema and pain, cramps and other problems. We make use of advanced equipment to correctly identify vein concerns and recommend the most appropriate treatment.
In many cases, non-surgical, pain-free, completely ambulatory treatment options are available that can help you get back to your regular life on the same day.

This is an injectable treatment that involves the injection of a solution directly into affected veins, causing them to scar and close. As with other treatments, blood is rerouted elsewhere and the affected vein will be reabsorbed into the surrounding cells, fading away




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What Are the Symptoms of Varicose Veins?

The symptoms of varicose veins and other types of venous insufficiency can spark concern, especially if you experience difficulty walking. Some of these symptoms include:

Swollen ankles and legs

Numbness and tingling in the legs

A burning or itching sensation in the calves and thighs

Difficulty standing or walking for extended periods of time

Wounds on the legs that will not heal

When vein disease is not treated, it can become more serious and complex over time

Varicose veins begin at stage 1, commonly known as spider veins. These may progress to stage 2, or reticular varicose veins, which become more prominent and pronounced. 

At stage 3 of this vein disease, venous nodes may appear, while at stage 4, venous insufficiency has become chronic.

 At stage 5, you may experience trophic ulcers or eczema linked to varicose veins.

Treating varicose veins and venous insufficiency early on may help to prevent future complications

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We offer a variety of options for varicose vein treatment, including vascular surgery NYC as well as non-surgical options. Our treatments provide for minimal or no recovery time and pain-free procedures that may enable you to walk freely and easily once more.

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In this procedure, radiofrequency energy is applied through a catheter directly injected into the vein, causing it to shrink and close. This can remove the appearance of the varicose vein as well as preventing future disease development and complications

Laser treatment

This option is best suited for smaller veins on the face as well as the legs. It can be combined with other treatments like sclerotherapy for enhanced results.


This chemical treatment may be appropriate for large varicose veins, especially those that are most likely to lead to leg pain or serious disease. A chemical solution is applied to an affected vein, causing it to swell closed and leading the body to redirect blood away from the affected vein. With time, the treated vein will disappear completely


This option uses a special medical adhesive that seals the affected vein closed, causing the body to reroute blood flow and the affected vein to disappear from the skin.

How Can Vein Treatment Improve Your Life?

For many people with vein disease, varicose veins and other problems interfere with daily life. They may experience aesthetic concerns about the appearance of these veins and, even more, may live with pain daily when walking or using their legs. Vein disease can hold people back from exploring, traveling or even exercising. 

At Medex Vein and Vascular Center, we work with our patients from the beginning to the end of your vein treatment journey, providing close follow-up and a high standard of care for each patient, with an individualized approach to care. The painful symptoms of vein disease can interfere with life in many ways. However, you don't have to give up on the things you love due to vein problems. Our skilled varicose vein treatment specialists can help you find the solution for improved quality of life and freedom from the pain and discomfort of vein disease.

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Why Come To Us?

We have a strong track record of satisfied patients whose lives have been improved with treatment for their vein disease. Our specialists are skilled and experienced, using the most advanced and up-to-date procedures and treatments to ease pain and discomfort and mitigate the effects of varicose veins and other vein problems.

We are committed to helping our patients live lives without the pain caused by vein disease. You can rely on our vein clinic for reliable, state-of-the-art medical care, experienced endovascular and venous surgeon physicians specialized in treating vein disease, accredited treatment centers and advanced technologies to improve your life.

Our Doctors

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Call us at 718-550-2585 to Get this Special Offer

Call us at 718-550-2585 to Get this Special Offer